“Are our Young Ladies in Style or Stripper?

Somebody has to say something about the fashion road we are on, headed to the strip clubs of what’s except-able in our society. Can we get a “What not to Wear” episode and red flag the butt hanging out the shorts look? How long will we let the perverted minds of our clothing industry dictate how our young women are being groomed to look? I get it, “Daisy Duke” was beautiful on the Dukes of Hazzard but this trend we are experiencing is definitely a Hazard to the morals of our communities.

The self esteem of our girls is being formed to think they are only valuable when exposed. I remember when the only women who advertised the Saturday night special, were those hookers who were standing on the corner. Now when I pick my daughter up from school I’m like Dang, did I just turn a right on Hill Street! Where are the mothers of these little girls or better yet the fathers? Oh that’s right, they probably don’t have one of the parents around because that’s the world we live in today. Oh and no I’m not saying that all girls who dress this way only have one parent. My point is our society has a high rate of single parents and the fact that we are so loose with our sexuality is definitely a contributing factor.

I wonder if our school staff of principals, teachers, coaches etc. are so handcuff by the fear or reality of law suits that they can’t say something? How about we start letting our young ladies know that what they are showing is meant for their husband when they get married. Tell them how precious they are and how important they are now and as a future business woman, entrepreneur, wife and mother.

Our 14 year old girls who end up pregnant are a result of the emphasis on sex surrounding us daily. The media through TV, magazines, internet etc. has been a deadly tool against the wholesome standards we had as a nation in the past.

We can’t continue to let the runways of the world shove the promotion of promiscuity down our throats as the once strong, honorable fabric of America gets more and more skimpy everyday. Style or Stripper? It’s getting more and more difficult to tell.

That’s my thoughts what’s yours?

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