Great Online MBA As Good As Regular MBA

The very concept of distance education gained its recognition in the early 90s in India & not many takers were in during those days. Typically, it was opted for by a few select professionals who were keen in polishing their existing career profiles or practically by those students who couldn’t attend a physical classroom due to impermissible reasons.Whatever may have been the state of affairs of education in the past, let bygones be bygones. In recent years, ‘distance education’ is increasingly taking over traditional learning methods, & it is one of the most talked about subjects among educationists, students, teachers, professionals & MBA aspirants. In this type of an educational set up, technology aids in the learning process & defies all conventions and norms along with physical barriers like distance & time.Among the wide array of subjects of study offered by various universities & institutions in their distance education curriculum, MBA continues to rule the show with a large segments of both students and working executives opting for the course.Online MBA is basically a misnomer of the conventional distance education MBA, & ideally the MBA course of study, duration and level of certification may vary from one university or institution to another.

As a matter of fact, there is a thin line of difference between an online learning program & a distance education program on the basis of internet usage and disbursement of lessons. Thus, a distance education program may or may not be supported by internet but CD-ROMs, books & self study materials whereas online programs directly involve the virtual interaction between students and teaching staff members along with online assessment of lessons.On the question of why full-time or regular MBA program holds more relevance & credibility than distance education MBA, IMT-CDL Director Dr. Arun Mohan Sherry says that if adequate efforts and processes are established, the quality of education offered by distance institutions can be as good, even better than regular full time education.IMT is a leading institute offering distance learning MBA programs in India & abroad, known for its eminent faculty and quality education the institute also has multiple centers- IMT Ghaziabad, IMT Dubai, IMT Nagpur & IMT Hyderabad- within the country and abroad.Article Source:

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