Great Online High School Education Vs Classroom Based Learning

As long as a student chooses an accredited school to get an online high school education, there will be no difference with regards to the credibility of the diploma compared to classroom-based schools. He will also get the same level of education that students attending traditional education institutions are able to receive. The main difference, however, is that a student who chooses to learn through distance education will be able to take advantage of the flexibility in terms of scheduling, as well as the ability to study at his own pace from anywhere he chooses.Although many parents of high school students seem to be dubious about the educational system of online high schools, recent studies have actually shown that studying online can benefit students more than learning at traditional institutions. The California State University at Northridge has found that students enrolled in online learning programs tested 20% better than their counterparts who have studied in conventional classroom-based schools. It also noted that distant learners tend to be high achievers with more self-motivation & discipline.

The results of this study show that a student’s attitude & motivation toward learning is more important than the methods of delivery regarding the course materials. This also shows that people are changing their views on education. Although there isn’t much of a difference with the curriculum, such studies have convinced more & more people that getting an online high school education, especially when combined with eagerness & determination, can also lead to personal and professional success.Students looking to get an online high school education can always turn to Continental Academy. Providing quality high school completion programs for a broad community of alternative learners in the United States & abroad, the institution puts practical, academically-rewarding, & affordable education within easy reach.Article Source:

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