Great Online MBA Degree Have Become All the Rage

Online MBA degrees have become all the rage in the past few years. With the economy in the tank & companies looking for the most productive workers, getting an advanced degree has become a “must do” for many professions. But are online degrees the same as those that you get by actually attending university? Do you get the same education and do those diplomas carry as much weight as a traditional diploma.Here’s a quick review of the pros & cons on online MBA degrees.Without question the biggest advantage to these courses is the ability to pursue them while you are still employed. Online courses are completed on the student’s own schedule not a schedule set out by the school. This means the student can pursue the education without any loss in income. This is a huge benefit.The education in terms of course work parallels that of the traditional school. Often interactive classes are conducted by resident professors & instructors. The degree received after successfully completing the course carries just as much weight as a diploma earned in residence.

There are two things that one has to be aware of if pursuing an online MBA degree. First is the lack of the classroom environment and the instant feedback that comes with interacting with classmates. By necessity the online student studies alone. Advances in technology allow for more video classes & conferences but it isn’t the same as face to face.The second issue is accreditation. When this industry first started there were many schools that were nothing but diploma mills. If you had the money they had the degree. Always check for legitimate accreditation before starting an online MBA. While most of these scams are no longer in business & the field is dominated by legitimate private and public schools don’t make assumptions, check out the bona fides.Online MBA degrees offer a great opportunity to get an advanced degree & remain competitive without having to sacrifice two years away from employment. If you’re looking to start a degree they deserve your attention.Article Source:

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