Choosing an Best Online Japanese School : Question to Ask Before You Buy

More and more choices for learning Japanese are popping up on the Internet. Dozens of sites offer free Japanese resources for learning to read & write hiragana & kanji; other sites offer Japanese grammar materials; & some sites have you learn Japanese by listening to pre-recorded lessons.Free and low-cost sites are a double-edged sword: For many students, they offer an effective, inexpensive way to start learning Japanese, but, without live interaction with a Japanese teacher, other learners may have a hard time keeping up their motivation.Another option is an online Japanese school, where you take live online lessons with a Japanese teacher. Through online lessons, these schools seek to duplicate the experience of a one-on-one Japanese tutor or a small-group classroom.Typically, you buy lesson tickets upfront, & then use one ticket for each lesson. Prices vary; online group lessons cost about $10, & private Japanese lessons range from $25 to $50 per 50-minute lesson.

Here are questions to consider when choosing an online Japanese school.Do I want to take private Japanese lessons?With private Japanese lessons, you & your teacher meet in an online classroom, & have a private lesson just as if you were in person. Most private lessons are customized to your learning goals, but ask beforehand about your teacher’s teaching style. If you have a preferred Japanese textbook, ask if the teacher will build custom lesson plans using that textbook.Do I want to take group lessons?Group lessons for learning Japanese are another option. Group lessons are a cheaper option, & lots of students enjoy the interaction with other students & getting the chance to speak Japanese in front of other students.Article Source:

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