China Best Jobs Search Myths Exploded

If you can speak Mandarin, you’ll have no problem finding a job. If not, take a year off to learn & your future in China will be secure!This really depends on which type of position you are targeting. In China, fluent Mandarin skills may help you to land a HR or Finance position as a expat candidate (& reading will probably be required), but it may not help you with a commercial role, where much more emphasis is put on having established relationships, being able to build them, with critical end users customers, & other parties. These vary by industry but could include distributors, system integrators & design institutes for the industrial sector, for example.

The language requirements vary depending on the industry. Any knowledge of Mandarin is a plus in China, but it won’t guarantee you a job. You need to factor in the reality that in China “fluent Mandarin” takes years of study & maintenance, one year’s “total immersion” will not guarantee fluency. New arrivals in China often don’t realise that local dialects are prevalent & makes maintaining their skills challenging.The “fluent Mandarin” requirements is often a euphemism for “we won’t consider a non native speaker”, or “yours had better be good because we will interview you in Chinese & give you a reading & writing test”. Try to get a firm understanding of the exact requirements first, study the job description & check with your recruiter, if appropriate.Article Source:

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