Great Jobs Hunting Advice – Experiential Learning

Consider experiential, work-based learning to learn more about occupations that interest you. This can be done through internships, volunteering, part-time jobs, study abroad & more.Gaining experience, while exploring career options, gives you a head start on your future career. Local schools & colleges offer many of these programs. Find more by searching the Internet & contacting businesses & organizations in your community.Work-based learning is also beneficial if you want or need to change careers. Use your skills & gain new ones while building your job search network.Participating in work-based learning opportunities gives you an edge when applying for jobs. Not only do you gain valuable work experience, but it offers a world of networking opportunities. Hiring managers always look upon this experience favorably. If you are recently laid off, this is a resourceful way to spend time away from work.

Internships allow you to observe & perform actual job duties that interest you, similar to a regular employee. Companies usually provide interns more help & guidance while training & may also help you land a full-time job upon completion of the internship. They may even provide a mentor that can support your career decisions & goals.Employers like to hire people with experience, especially from within the company, including their most successful interns. Internships are typically available to college students in a related major, but companies do hire non-students for internships.Internships are paid or unpaid & may be eligible for academic credit at a high school or college. They usually last for a couple of weeks to several months.Article Source:

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