Maintaining Your Confidence During a Prolonged New Best Jobs Search

A year or two ago, pretty much everyone knew someone who had been laid off. That thought was scary enough, but now, most people know someone who has been out of full-time work for a year or more. If you’re one of the people who’s been displaced from the job market for a long while now, you know the emotional toll that prolonged unemployment brings.Many of us identify ourselves through our jobs & our careers. We make certain assumptions about new people based on whether they’re a doctor or a secretary. However, not being able to identify yourself as any particular kind of employee presents a whole new challenge to your personal identity at a time when you can little afford to lose confidence in yourself. How can you keep your spirits up during a prolonged job search?

Networking with other job seekers allows you to realize that there are many bright, competent people in the very same position in which you find yourself. Although these people may also have been searching for work for a long time, you may be able to exchange tips that you’ve discovered along the way. Networking with professionals who are employed can also offer a confidence boost. Getting out in the community & talking with other people in your field will help you feel like your old self again. If you’re fortunate, you can also gather information that can help you in your job search.When no one is paying you a salary in exchange for your skills, it’s easy to start thinking those skills aren’t valuable. Volunteering your talents for causes that matter to you can stop this negative thinking in its tracks. In addition to being able to see that your efforts are making a difference, volunteer work often reminds us that there are many in the world who are less fortunate, helping us to be grateful for what we have.Article Source:

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