Five Fact About a Blogger

Many ask me “what exactly is a blog?” Describing a blog can be a bit complicated so instead how about 5 fun blogger facts for you?Fact #1- We are not sitting down tweeting & Facebook sharing those posts every second of the dayI have been asked more than once if I ever leave the computer & the answer is I do-the majority of the day. So why can you see my tweets, Facebook & other social media posts on the most recent all day long? We use a scheduling system. There are many out there & I use Hootsuite. Every post I write gets scheduled to send out on my social media at dates & times I choose (remember the time I said it takes to share my posts after they are written?). We write a post-schedule it in our social media sharing account & that platform does all the tweeting & posting for us.

Many friends and family say “I should Blog-you get a lot of free stuff & perks!” Well, those free stuff & perks come with a cost. What is the cost? Time! It takes a well-written Blog post roughly 20 minutes to write & insert images, guidelines and you can add more time if you are setting up Giveaway widgets for that post if a giveaway is included. Once a post is written, we move on to step 2! Getting the word out! We insert that post into social media platforms multiple times. I feel it is safe to say that 1 post for a sponsor could take from opening the package-learning about the contents & company so you have a thorough review-writing the post-gathering & adding images into the post and sharing it is a total of well over 2 hours! (My husband would say much higher amount of my time)Article Source:

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