Who Else Wants Your Great Jobs?

It was not that long ago that a job seeker’s main competition for a position he or she wanted was other candidates in the general area who had similar skills, experience, & perhaps education. Certainly someone might have been willing to move to another area for a particular position, but most candidates for the majority of jobs were those in close proximity to where the employing organization was located.While there is still some of that scenario playing out for some jobs, many others have changed drastically with regard to where the candidates come from & even where they might stay even if they get the job. The reason? Quantum leaps in communications technology over the past several years have enabled companies & other organizations to seriously consider candidates from anywhere on the globe. This state of affairs is playing out in everything from minimum wage jobs to those that require advanced & /or professional degrees.


A fast food restaurant has a drive through lane where you can place your order by talking to an unseen attendant, then drive fifty feet to pick it up at the window. What the driver may not know is that the attendant who took the order was on the other side of the world, sitting at a keyboard/order station putting in the details of your order to the food preparer in the front of the building, where you drive up & get your hamburger. The person who took your order may be working for far less than the restaurant might have to pay someone on-site, saving the business a substantial amount in labor costs.You want to build your dream house. You have picked out a lot & now you are ready to design the home to fit on your newly-purchased land. Maybe you will talk to a few designers or architects locally, but you hear about a design firm in Mubai, India where the licensed,Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7328893

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