Developments of Sui Oil Wells Create Best Oil and Gas Jobs

The Sui gas fields are steadily depleting & Pakistan Petroleum Limited, who are the operators of the fields, are calling for more money to be invested in them. It is necessary for deeper wells to be developed so that the lifespan of the reserves can be prolonged & oil & gas jobs can be maintained.The Sui gas fields account for more than a quarter of Pakistan’s gas production. However, the situation surrounding a number of attacks on the pipelines that supply the rest of the country is believed to have diminished potential investors’ confidence in developing the Sui wells any further.

In a recent Annual General Meeting, Asim Murtaza Khan, who is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Petroleum Limited, informed shareholders that the benefits of going ahead with the developments outweighed the risks. He pointed out that all of the world’s oil & gas installations face security issues & the Sui gas fields were no exception.In spite of the security concerns that were raised during the AGM, other investors from countries like India, United Arab Emirates & Turkey had been seen to express interest in exploring the idea of further development at Sui. Khan revealed that currently one fifth of the company’s operational budget is assigned to the employment of security measures at Sui.Article Source:

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