Great Top Jobs Growth in Criminal Justice Field

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that careers in the criminal justice field will grow rapidly between now & 2016. In the next few years paralegal, investigator, private detective & police officer jobs are predicted to grow between 11-22 percent.Although a bachelor’s or master’s degree is not always required, a criminal justice degree is often preferred by law enforcement departments. It gives you a strong basis of knowledge when later working for a Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, State Patrol or the Federal Government.Many departments give a substantial percentage of salary increase per educational level completed, & promotions are often quicker & better for officers with a higher education degree. In addition, there’s a growing trend amongst law enforcement agencies to offer tuition reimbursement.

“I believe that the degree will be well worth it when I look back on my career,” said a deputy sheriff when I asked him about his master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University’s online program.”A master’s degree in Criminal Justice can help those who are looking for work by giving them an advantage in the initial hiring process. Employers know that a candidate with a master’s degree has intelligence, is dedicated, & is a person who is willing to work hard,” he says. “Experience is also extremely important, but education can help individuals earn life experience & broaden their understanding of the criminal justice field.”The federal government is offering the deputy & all those working in a federal or county capacity the federal loan forgiveness program, which will pay for the remaining of his school debt after ten years of service.Article Source:

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