Ahmedabad Hotel : Luxury That Is Just a Star Less

Ahmedabad has been facing increased tourist activity ever since the spotlights were turned on this city in a global front. The steady increase in the number of people visiting Ahmedabad has led to a corresponding increase in the number of hotels within the city. The hotels within the city include luxury hotels & budget hotels, & there are other options like four star hotels which provide almost the same amenities as five star hotels for slightly lesser charges.One of the most popular four star hotels in Ahmedabad is Cama Hotel, which is located very near the commercial part of the city. This hotel is mainly known for its tasteful & traditional interiors, as its rooms are all beautifully furnished with striking paintings to match. There are fifty rooms in this hotel, & these rooms have been split according to their class as luxury suites, deluxe suites, superior rooms & deluxe rooms. Some of the rooms overlook the Sabarmati River too, providing excellent views.


There are two restaurants in this hotel, & these are La Vista & Silver Leaf. La Vista is a restaurant where delectable dishes go hand in hand with well styled surroundings, & it’s the perfect place for a couple. Silver Leaf is an extended coffee shop that serves many beverages, apart from Mexican, Continental & Indian cuisines. You can take some time off during the harsh summer months & wade in the swimming pool that this hotel houses.Lemon Tree Hotel is another popular option that you can go for when you look for Ahmedabad hotels, & this hotel is located just six kilometers from the railway station & twelve kilometers from the airport. This hotel has additional features like a conference room & a business center, and it is ideal for people who visit Ahmedabad on business trips. There are four types of rooms in this hotel, including executive rooms, deluxe rooms, superior rooms and standard rooms, & there are 99 rooms in all. There is a room that’s specially meant for physically challenged individuals too.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6189149

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