Ten Tips to Save on Healthcares Insurance

Americans shopping for their own healthcare insurance can substantially cut premiums by following 10 simple steps, according to leading insurers.Answer Financial Inc. (http://www.answerfinancial.com), cites the following cost-saving measures:Comparison shop-You can save money by comparison shopping & exploring various options such as higher deductibles. The lower your deductible, the higher your premium. Comparison shopping also allows you to determine the best cost-benefit value. For example, many plans cap coverage for serious illness so premiums may be lower than one with a high cap. Always compare benefits, deductibles & premiums & if you have a preferred physician, make sure that he or she is a participant in your plan.Practice preventive care-Work out a schedule of preventive health screenings with your physician that are appropriate for your age & gender. Private screening companies offer a series of tests at low prices that can show if you need more intense screenings. The lower your medical bills, the lower your premiums will be, but don’t skimp on the basics.

Take an active role in health care decisions-Take the time to build a good relationship with your doctor & participate actively in your care. Every test & drug has some risk involved, and some tests may be defensive medicine. Ask what will happen if you choose not to take a drug or have a test. Your doctor may be able to suggest alternatives that are less risky & costly.Avoid hospitalization whenever possible-Over half of all health care costs are for hospitalizations. Consider outpatient services or same day surgery as alternatives to hospitalization. Today there are more & better alternatives to surgery; always do your research before any major medical procedure.Understand health risks-Good lifestyle choices, such as regular exercise & consumption of vegetables & fruits, have proven to make a huge positive difference on health even when started in older years. Choices such as smoking, alcohol & drug use, & poor nutrition contribute to a higher risk for health problems.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/52462

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