Stranded Overnights at an Airports With No Money? Now What?

First, be assured there are options as long as you have devoted friends or relatives available. I’ll mention just two of them here, as they are the most common options I experience behind the front desk of an airport hotel.Have money wired: Many stranded passengers ask me if there is a place nearby where they can receive wired money. This is a popular option it seems, perhaps because this option has been around for ages or perhaps because you no longer have to traipse down to a local office with cash. You can call from the comfort of your home or office & charge money immediately to a debit or credit card.There are several reasons why this. may not work for you however. Our local ‘branch’ is in a grocery store about 3/4 of a mile away. They open at 8 or 9 am & close at 8 pm & my experience is you need at least an hour leeway before money is approved, sent & received. If it is already past 7 pm then, you probably won’t get the money that evening. Even if you did, how are you going to pay for a cab to get there by 8, unless you have sufficient funds left from your trip? There is a wired money office in almost every airport, but I am not sure if they even stay open till 8 pm.

It is worth a try however before venturing off by cab into an unknown area HOPING money will be waiting for you. If the airport office is already closed, you may seem to have no choice. For me, this wired money option would be a LAST resort anyway, not a first one however.A second option many stranded guests think always works is to have their sponsoring party call the hotel & put the charge on their card. Or book a reservation through their website & they assume the card used to guarantee the reservation will pay for it also. Neither of these is true at MOST hotels. There may be some properties that will but none that I know of. We certainly won’t because the risk is too high that the party may deny the charge at some future point & the Credit Card companies now require authorization from sponsoring parties that allows you to accept their card. Without it, they usually uphold a disputed charge & the hotel is out of luck.Article Source:

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