Manchester Airports Parking- How It All Began With Male Garage

Males Garage was the first Manchester Airport Parking Company at Manchester but what follows is the story of how Manchester Parking was born & how it has evolved over the years. From the cinder area of yester year to the huge industry it is today.1953 & 1954 were massive years for Manchester as they started to operate cutting edge aircraft such as the Convair liners & flying out to more European destinations. Long haul aircraft such as the DC-6 started to turn up in ever increasing numbers as air traffic increased at Manchester.Manchesters terminals by 1954 were expanding at a phenomenal rate as passenger figures reached approximately two hundred & fifty thousand. Three months after officially changing its name to Manchester Airport they reached their one-millionth passenger who incidentally travelled to the glamorous destination of the Isle of Man.

All this growth at Manchester saw an increase in motor traffic & an opening for the first Manchester Airport car park. One young person was about to fill this gap. Jack Males the owner of Males Garage, an ex serviceman who had recently returned home to Wythenshawe opened up a small tractor repair company a short distance away from Manchester Airport not knowing the opportunity that was about to come his way.As well as the rapid growth of Manchester, Males Tractor Services also expanded & branched out into plant hire & construction work. During this expansion of both businesses people would travel from Manchester & at the time the car parking at Manchester consisted of nothing more than a small cinder area close to the terminal with the capacity for only fifty cars.Article Source:

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