A Greedy Air Passengers Dranks Liter of Vodka

A citizen of Federal Republic of Germany was not allowed by the customs clearance in the Nuremberg airport to take aboard a bottle of vodka, so he showed an amazing greed & drank down a liter of alcoholic beverage in attendance of customs officers.After doing this “heroic” deed, the German required urgent medical aid. As told by the representatives of German police, this incident has taken place on Wednesday: the man was returning home to Dresden after the vacation in Egypt. He changed the plane in Nuremberg.While passing the customs clearance the man refused to pay special charge & register the bottle of vodka he was carrying with him as a luggage.


Instead, he decided to act simpler & more economically: to drink the whole bottle without walking away from customs clearance’s desk.Almost at once the greedy passenger has lost the ability to stand on his own legs, to speak audibly & also to behave adequately. Fearing for the man’s health, customs officials have called in an ambulance, which carried the “sufferer” to the Nuremberg hospital. At this moment man’s state of health doesn’t cause concern, & , as told by the doctors, in a short time he can return home.This is not the first time when passengers being unsatisfied with the customs rules drink alcoholic drinks right at the customs counters. The problem is that there are rules at the major airlines that allow not to admit a drunk passenger to the flight so such stories won’t end happy even if you drink a bottle of beer – you are already officially not sober anymore.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/915713

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