The Airfare Price Will Beat The Top

Beginning from the year 2012, the airlines which perform flights in the states of the European Union, will have to buy rights for polluting emissions. The prices for the tickets for long-distance flights can rise by 30-40 Euro. Experts forecast that this is only the beginning. Ministers of the environment of the European Union have come to an arrangement to raise fees for aircraft polluting gas emissions for air carriers. Beginning from the year 2012, all the airlines, whose planes take off or land in the EU airports, will have to buy rights for this.As a result of the reform, the airfares for the long-distance flights can get more expensive by 30-40 Euro per ticket. However, air carriers can avoid the price boost “relatively easy”, by starting to use “more environmentally friendly equipment.”

“We are not pursuing the aim to hinder the development of the air transport sector, which is a key one for EU economy,” underlined the European Commissioner for the Environment Stavros Dimas, “we just want to prevent the increase of CO2 emissions.According to the data of the European Commission, about three percent of exhaust emissions on the territory of EU are caused by the air traffic. Beginning from the year 1990, the volume of “aircraft” emissions has doubled. Brussels forecasts that till the year 2020 this index will also redouble.Article Source:

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