Peaceful Environs Of Bentota Hotel

Bentota Beach in Sri Lanka is a small but very attractive southern village located about 62 kilometers from the capital city of Colombo. The resort village attracts a huge number of international tourists, especially the Germans & Italians. The superb beach island has a distinctive culture all of its own. A stay in Bentota hotels surrounded by serene & peaceful environs of Bentota Beach provide a fabulously and enriching experience where the mind experiences absolute calmness! The friendly waters of the beach are simply too alluring to resist. On your visit to this tourist friendly destination one can take time out to have a first hand glimpse into one of the main traditional occupations ‘tapping the toddy’.

There’s this little place at Bentota Beach called ‘the Turtle Hatchery Project’ where turtle eggs are gathered & placed in the premises for them to hatch. This place has been given the thums up by many tourists & finds itself on the visitors’ itinerary. Once the turtles have hatched, they are safely released to the ocean. A visit to the hatchery costs a nominal fee while for the children entry is free. At the hatchery one will find on display several species of turtles & the visitors are allowed, rather encouraged to pet & hold the turtles. However, be prepared to be asked for voluntary donations at the end of the guided tour.Taking a morning walk or evening excursion to “Brief Gardens” which is a wonderful estate designed and owned by a former Sri Lankan architect & lawyer, Geoffrey. It was once a rubber plantation.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/738700

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