Green Travel : What Hotels Are Doing To Go Green

Perhaps you have already started to “go green” at home. If so, you undoubtedly understand the importance of conserving resources & reducing the amount of waste that you generate. As someone who is working to establish a green lifestyle, you will have already taken some steps to improve the energy efficiency of your home. All your old light bulbs have been replaced with CFLs (& of course, you know that CFL stands for compact fluorescent lights). You now use less water than you did before, taking shorter showers & washing your clothes in cold or lukewarm water, thereby lowering your water bill & the cost of energy for heating water. I am willing to bet that you no longer buy as much bottled water, & the plastic bottles that you have go into the recycling bin, rather than going into the trash.


You might even be driving a hybrid automobile, saving on gas. This green lifestyle you have created works well when you are at home. But what about when you travel? Can you maintain a semblance of a green lifestyle when you are away from home? Thanks to efforts made by companies in the travel industry, the answer if a resounding “yes.” Front & center in the movement to improve the greenness of travel are the hotel companies. At many hotels, the companies, their employees, & even the guests work together to conserve power & resources & reduce waste. Here is what you can expect at most major hotel chains today. Most hotels have an advanced energy management system that allows for efficient programming of heating, cooling & air handling in the rooms & common areas. Lighting in public areas is also programmed to dim or go off in unoccupied areas & during times when few people are around. In the guest rooms, occupancy sensors allow for power to be shut off when guests are away. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4471045

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