Emerald Hotels Singapore : A Review

Emerald Hotel Singapore is one of the branches of Fragrance group of hotels in Singapore. It is located in 20 Lorong 6 Geylang Singapore. Fragrance group of hotels are widely known for their budget accommodations offers in Singapore & so, following the same concept, Emerald hotel Singapore also offers one of the cheapest accommodation in Singapore. For anyone planning to stay in this hotel though, you should be aware that this is located in the red light district area. Hotels in this area offers the lowest prices & probably for a good reason. This area is notorious for having vivid nightlife what with many girls roaming during night time.


However, compared to other blocks in this area, the place where Emerald hotel is situated is lower-key & night activities are more discreet. And besides, these activities wouldn’t trouble you if you don’t go around looking for it. However, if occasional evidence of the trade really does bother you, then this hotel isn’t suitable for you. For a budget accommodation, the hotel offers value for money. It has the basic necessities for a comfortable stay in Singapore. The room is clean & there’s always a housekeeper coming in daily to clean the room. The air-conditioning & heater is working perfectly fine. There’s access to the internet though for an additional cost. And you get free coffee! For a no frills accommodation, Emerald Hotel Singapore is certainly a good option. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to those who are traveling with their family especially those with kids. It’s simply not an area you can take children to. You can get a full review of the hotel’s service & amenities here: Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4016509

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