How To Choose A Hotels In Las Vegas

Staying on the strip in one of the big resort hotels can be the most expensive. Places like Bellagio, Paris, MandalayBay and MGM Grand aren’t cheap, but there are often deals to be found. Try to get on the hotel’s email list. They send out discount offers all the time. Some of the older hotels can be real bargains. The Tropicana, right across the street from MGM Grand often has very good deals. But they aren’t the type of place you’d want to spend hours lounging around the pool. Mainly because they don’t have a pool.

Be aware of where you are staying in the hotel as well. If you want a view you’ll have to pay for it. I’ll give you an example. I once stayed at New YorkNew York. We got a great deal on a room with a whirlpool. However, the room looked out onto the roof of some low buildings. You couldn’t see the street or anything else & in fact, the sun never got to the windows of the room. It was pretty bleak. So ask when you make the reservation if a view is important to you. As for making that reservation, there are tons of aggregators out there for Las Vegas hotels. They can often get a good deal. Vegas.com is the granddaddy of the bunch, but places like Orbitz & Priceline can also get you deals.Dealing directly with the hotel or resort you want to stay at can get you as good a deal & maybe a room that better fits your needs. Not like that room I got at New YorkNew York. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4004239

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