7 Tips Showing You How to Stay At an Exclusive Resort For the Price of a B / Grade Hotels ?

Okay, so you’d like to stay in an exclusive resort – No, the BEST exclusive resort without having to pay fancy prices. Can you? Or is it all a dream, just like your dreams of skiing in Vermont or sunning yourself in the Seychelles? Well, it need not be & here are some key tips on getting into some Five Star resorts for 2 or 3 star prices.You can have just as much fun in a ‘shoulder’ season when the resort is reducing its ‘intake’ & when you can get some of the very best prices. Second, know that the hotel or resort grading system is a shambles.


You shouldn’t be taken in by what is five stars or any other stars because the way in which the stars are given out is inconsistent & a mess. Don’t be fooled by them. Third, go online to the major online booking sites & check prices. Two things you should know here, first they will give you a good idea of what the prices for different resorts are & second, they will also often give you some exceptional deals. Five, use some tricks with some of the major sites like lastminute.com which can offer prices for their so-called ‘top secret’ hotels which are unnamed but, using this trick, you can often find out what these resorts & hotels actually are. The site will give you a description of the resort & you should copy part of it & paste it into Google & see what hotel or resort then shows up. If the resort is the exclusive resort you’re looking for you’ve just scored a great deal at a great price. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4057653

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