Expansion Plans At London Hotel

Thinking of opening a hotel? Think of London, Its no coincidence that major hotel chains are expanding their operations in the capital. Hotels in London benefit from their unique position in the capital city of the UK, a worldwide centre for business, commerce, & finance, and a major tourist destination. This means the potential for growth and sustained year round and ongoing profitability allied with the higher room rate in the city, give London hotels a much greater chance of success. So what are the factor that combine to make hotel in London such an attractive proposition? 1- Exhibitions and Events.

The capital city of the UK is the venue for art and science exhibitions on a major worldwide scale. People travelled long distance& queued for hours to see major exhibitions of Turner and Tutankhamun, for example. These gained national media coverage and further promoted London as a destination. 2- The Stock Exchange, Banking & Finance. London hotels benefit from having employees from international companies and organisations arriving and needing somewhere to stay while in the city working or relocating. The fact that London is a large financial services centre generates millions of pound of revenue for the city and hotels. 3. Corporate Hospitality. Those businesses engage in corporate hospitality as part of their sale and marketing strategy. They routinely use hotels facility to meet with and entertain client and prospects. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4620367

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