Keyless Entry in Hotel is the Next Big Thing

Technology has advanced rapidly. There are now cars that have keyless ignitions. You can board a plane with an electronic ticket, and you can hail a cab with an application. Hotels are now gearing up for a move toward keyless lock on their doors, This is a large move, so do not expect it to happen overnight. However, more and more places will be offering their customers this option in the coming month. Let’s explore what exactly a keyless door entails and address the safety of this innovation.

Expedited Check-Ins Continue to Get Faster with Electronic Access Numerous hospitality establishments already have applications that allow guest to remotely check-in. When a guest arrives at the establishments all they have to do is pick up their key if they used the remote check-in application. The idea behind electronic access keys is that they would be an add-on to existing application. In addition, based on the widespread popularity of remote check-in kiosks and applications already in use, expert predict that electronic access will see similar levels of popularity. Article Source:

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