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How To Remove Huroob Status From Iqama in Saudi Arabia 2019

How To Remove Huroob Status From Iqama In Saudi Arabia 2019 |Urdu Hindi|
1..An easy way to remove absconded status on your Iqama
2..How to go final Exit and Avoid Jail Absconders
3..remove huroob from iqama in Saudi Arabia
4..How to check huroob status online in Saudi Arabia

  1. How To Remove Huroob Status From Iqama In Saudi Arabia 2017 |Urdu Hindi|
    Whenever your Kafeel sets you in runaway or absconding status then You’re in Huroob status and which is shown on your Iqama on MOL status.

Your Kafeel can put in Huroob status if you don’t pay your Sponsor on time or an agreed amount or If Employer is unable to contact you through all his sources.

Once you’re in Huroob Status you will get a ban and will be deported to your Home Country. To avoid such circumstances you’ll have to pay to your Kafeel or Sponsor.

Few Important Things related to Huroob:

What is Huroob in Saudi Arabia how to check you Huroob Status OnlineThings you can’t do in HuroobPunishment & Penalties in Huroob

here are the Steps to make Payment to get yourself removed from Huroob status:

– Open Internet Banking on any Bank in Saudi Arabia
– Go to Payments Sections

– Then go to Government Payments and then check for the word ‘Deportation Control’

Deportation Control means controlling your Deport from going to the home country.

Once you Click on Deportation Control, Check for Absconded Status and select the application type.,

After selecting the Application type, you’ll have to enter the Iqama number under the Violator ID to remove the Huroob status.
Once you input the Iqama number of the person whose Huroob needs to be removed, you’ll have to select the Account from which you’ll make the payment and then click on Proceed.

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